Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and Answers.

Have any questions in mind? Do not worry, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below. If your questions are not in the list, feel free to contact us!

How to try Visuocial?

Simply log in to our application, and you will be redirected to the dashboard page straight away. It is intuitive and easy to navigate.

What personal data is stored?

We only store your username and email from the authorized social media accounts. The content of your social media posts and analysis shown in the dashboard page is freshly retrieved from the social media platforms, processed, and shown to user without storing any information.

What are the security features?

Our user's peace of mind is the top most priority. We use HTTPS connection, which encrypts all communications between your browser and our website. We will safeguard your account and will not release your details to any third party.

How to send us a feedback?

Simple go to our feedback page, write, and submit your feedback. If email is more comfortable for you, feel free to email us at